Rick Ross Baby Mama FORCED To Exposes Private E-Mails To Get PAID

Rick Ross Baby Mama FORCED To Exposes Private E-Mails To Get PAID

The Bawse Rick Ross just got kicked in his family jewels this week!

His baby mama, the one that was with him when he was nobody, has had it with her famed rapper baby daddy.

Rosay’s baby mama just EXPOSED him for FILTH this week by basically calling Rick Ross a deadbeat daddy. Continue on to see the pettiness that Rick pulled…

Rick Ross Baby Mama FORCED To Exposes Private E-Mails To Get PAIDCelebNMusic247.com caught wind of a post by Rick Ross who pulled out his petty card claiming that somebody wants his ex Tia Kemp, but it wasn’t about being with him.

Ross only pays Tia $2,500 in child support and she wants more, which we believe is fair. He’s paid, and you don’t see Diddy NOT paying for his kids, he makes sure they #LivingTheirBestLife.

All we are saying is this; “If Rick Ross is going to weigh heavy on Birdman for NOT stepping up and being a boss for his label. It’s the same thing, a man steps up for his business and his seeds he put on this planet. It’s NOT the kid’s fault or the woman. If you don’t get along, so what, make sure your kids are #LivingTheirBestLife like daddy is.”

Check how Ross tried to deflect the truth by saying:

You gotta get past me, you gotta move past me. That’s the past. You know what I’m saying? I wish you nothing but the best. I don’t hate you. I actually love you, baby. Daddy loves you. I want nothing but the best for you.

Check the post:

#PressPlay: #RickRoss responds to his baby mama #TiaKemp ? (SWIPE)

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Rick Ross History with Baby Mama Tia Kemp:

None of this should come as a surprise for anyone. Rozay’s baby mama has been dragging him all over social media, exposing the flaws in their financial agreements and claiming him to be a deadbeat father.

If he is NOT paying child support, then yes, she is correct.

Why Rick Ross NEEDS to Step it up in the Daddy Department:

Buying him clothes and shoes doesn’t cut it. Rick should be more like DJ Khalid, make sure his kid is set for life, kind of like his Instagram reads @RichForever – His kid should be too.

We are NOT saying pay the baby mama but set something up for his kid, so when he turns 21 he gets a living trust or something. Hip Hop stars NEED to do better for their kids. STOP the PETTY stuff and FOCUS on the kid.

Set your legacy up for life Rosay! Big whoop that you paid the child support, now be a man and step that ish up. We’ve spoken before, we know you a good guy, now do that for your kid!

Despite his scary health issues earlier this year, Tia Kemp was back to spilling tea after Ross made his first public appearance since his return from the hospital.

Kemp took things a step further, releasing private e-mails to The Bawse’s team requesting child support money after allegedly missing a payment.

Bottom line, black men NEED to do better and be better role models for young men who learn from the media on how rappers treat their baby mamas.

Check out the posts from Tia Kemp, because she finally got her money, but she had to EXPOSE him to get it. #SAD

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