Richest NBA Players List


Richest NBA Players List!

The NBA richest players list is out and Wealth-X is dropping a new ultra-high net worth list individuals.

With players signing massive contracts during free agency, fans are paying more attention to just how much players are getting in salary, and the question arises over who has the most money in the league, and Kobe Bryant tops the list.

Recently, Wealth-X – a company with intelligence on ultra-high net worth individuals – revealed the current NBA players who are worth the most. It may surprise some that players drafted in the 90s dominated the list, using their salary and endorsements to grow their worth. On average players on Wealth-X’s list have been in the league 15 years, or since 1998.

Kobe Bryant, who recently was supplanted by LeBron James as the top earner in the league, leads the list of highest net worth at $220 million, and second on the list is the new Brooklyn Net, Kevin Garnett. LeBron comes in at number three, with Tim Duncan and Ray Allen rounding out the top five.

Wealth-X President David Friedman, said:

“Against the backdrop of the NBA Draft last week, it is interesting to explore the correlation between talent, performance and net worth that is revealed in this ranking. It provides a window into the value that society implicitly places on the skills of these professional athletes and the role of entertainment within our culture.” 

1. Kobe Bryant (Lakers)/$220 million
2. Kevin Garnett (Nets)/$190 million
3. LeBron James (Heat)/$130 million
4. Tim Duncan (Spurs)/$100 million
5. Ray Allen (Heat) $100 million