Review: Magic Mike XXL Is Packed With Magic



Review: Magic Mike XXL Is Packed With Magic

Review: Magic Mike XXL Is Packed With Magic – it’s highly entertaining, fun, and just a good old-time at the movies.

Get ready to be SWITCHED ON and TURNED OUT because Magic Mike XXL has ALL the Magic for everyone!

It’s been a while since a movie not only makes you want to get up and dance, it makes you want to throw dollars at the screen.

We have no clue what they were thinking when they made that travesty of a film called Chocolate City because Magic Mike XXL not only brought the chocolate it brought the talent, the sex appeal and the magic. Tyson Beckford should have signed up for Magic Mike XXL because Chocolate City had NOTHING on Channing Tatum’s on screen magic as Mike Lane aka Magic Mike.

The movie picks up three years later with Mike moving on with his life after a failed relationship with girlfriend. He’s now living his professional dream in Tampa, Florida designing and building custom furniture, his personal life a little bit more in question. All of his plans come into question, though, when he’s contacted by the Kings of Tampa aka Big Dick Richie ((Joe Manganiello), Ken (Matt Bomer), Tarzan (Kevin Nash), and Tito (Adam Rodriguez)), his former stage-mates who he hasn’t seen in three years.



They want to do one last run since Dallas (Mathew McConaughey) took off with the new kid Adam (Alex Pettyfer). This time around the guys are on a “strip-type “of road-trip it to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for an annual stripper convention. Basically the film is for all, male or female the movie is NOT just about men taking off their clothes, it’s about friendship, comradery and living the American dream, which in this case is stripping. The change-up in the cast is for the better, because this time around Magic Mike XXL fans get to see way more of Big Dick Richie (Joe Manganiello). Yes he has a bigger role in this film.


We love that Channing and Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss (we previously reported when her signed on to MMXXL) has teamed up again since their Step Up days for one of the BEST strip routines that was over the top. Talk about bringing things to the next level ladies. Stephen Boss as Malik, Rome’s (Pinkett) main guy, ignites the screen – he was so delicious on-screen he would give any woman a toothache. The other drops of chocolate are Andre (Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover). We hope to see more of Mel Chude in Magic Mike 3, if, and when the do it.  Also a big ups to Augustus (Michael Strahan) for getting greasy with it for his on-screen strip scene – Alrighty Michael, since we know you don’t like being called Mike. 

Things happen for a reason and in this case the casting change-up was for the better. Sequel don’t always become instant crowd pleaser but Magic Mike XXL surpasses its predecessor. It’s a smarter, sexier, and cooler, Magic Mike XXL, it’s an invigorating piece of entertainment, a solid dramedy about friends and coworkers – even if those coworkers are fellow, male strippers – and a relevant and honest look at the current state of the sexes.

Did Magic Mike XXL still pack the big screen with magic?

Hands down, YES, YES and YES!

Magic Mike XXL reminds us why we fell in love with this, these supporting players, and this entire world in the first place. The storyline is engaging, fun, comical and has the perfect blend of sex appeal that will have audience goers heading out for a second dose of Magic.

The improvements to the film belongs to three ladies who rocked the screen alongside some of Hollywood’s sexiest men. First off, Jada Pinkett-Smith as Rome – Pinkett rocked her role and showed us what we’ve been missing. If it wasn’t for Jada the film would have been just another Striptease flop. – Yes Demi Moore, that film was GAR-BAAAGE!

Next up is the illustrious Elizabeth Banks as Paris – she brought her edgy side to the table, so audience goers will get a taste of her Hunger Games mixed with a little Pitch Perfect, the right blend.

Lastly, is Mike’s love interest, played by Amber Heard – she kept it simple yet stayed intriguing. The beautiful Andie McDowell brought that Southern sex appeal as always shining in her role as a divorced woman who gets wooed by Richie (Manganiello).

Overall Magic Mike XXL is a MUST SEE on the big screen – it keeps you entertained and it’s a lot of fun.
We look forward to Magic Mike 3.

MOVIE OVERALL SCORE 5 out of 5 stars – Magic Mike XXL: B

Magic Mike XXL is Step Up on steroids with a entertaining and fun script that will leave you wanting more Mike!

Reviewed by Emilio Ricci

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