WTH? Remy Ma SLAPPED with 4 Charges Over Alleged Brittney Taylor Assault

WTH? Remy Ma SLAPPED with 4 Charges Over Alleged Brittney Taylor Assault

This is NOT what Remy Ma NEEDS after having a baby and getting her life back on track. Remember Love & Hip Hop star, Brittney Taylor? Well, it appears that the clout chaser has got Remy looking at more time behind bars.

None of this makes any sense and we are still NOT believing this mess, but according to reports Remy Ma is facing more time behind bars. Read on…


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Remy Ma Brittney Taylor Assault

CelebNMusic247.com report that Remy Ma is facing more time behind bars no thanks to Brittney Taylor who accused Remy of assaulting her back in April.

If you’ve been following the report, then you already know that Remy Ma has stated that she was not at the venue at the time of the assault. Of Course, prosecutors aren’t buying her story and have filed charges against Remy, hitting her with four misdemeanors for allegedly assaulting.

Currently, TMZ is reporting that Remy is looking at two counts of assault in the third degree, one count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, and one count of harassment in the second degree.

It has also been reported that Remy has been offered a deal to plead guilty to just the top charge — assault in the third degree — and the rest will be dropped.

If she takes the deal the only good thing is that she will avoid jail time, but she will have to enter a long term management plan.

Remy has not taken the deal. The trial date has been set for July. If she doesn’t take the deal, and if found guilty, there is a possibility

It just goes to show you there is always someone gunning for position, like Brittney Taylor who is trying to come up any way she can.

Remy writes:

This all seems too coincidental especially now that Brittney Taylor just dropped new music, but that sad part is that she is the featured artist on the song… “Certified”

Meanwhile, fans have been shading Brittany:

That’s messed up how you used Remy as a publicity stunt. You could have messed her life up for what??? Nothing good gonna come to you.

Another said:

You a joke and cut it out nobody’s gonna take you serious in real life lol sorry babes.

Then there is this basically calling Brittney trash:

U rap about being about that life but u didn’t have that same energy when remy Martha gave u one punch in your face. Oh my emoji is a ?

Lastly, there is this one:

“Something’s not adding up here ?”

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