Remy Ma Check Azelia Banks After Attempted Diss

Remy Ma Checks Azelia Banks After Attempted Diss


Azealia Banks tried to STRIKE a feud with fellow rapper Remy Ma. Banks went on a pointless rant for relevance once again. has the latest on Azealia Banks who tried to strike a feud with Remy Ma calling her a glorified “reality star.” Banks had some choice words about the status of female rap and hip-hop women were said during an interview with Ebro in the Morning. Read on…

Remy Ma Check Azelia Banks After Attempted Diss

What is so pathetic about this attempt is that Azealia Banks has no room to talk. She only has relevance when she tries to strike up feuds. If she didn’t do that, no one would know who she was or care.

Azealia Banks who has DONE NOTHING for hip hop or the culture tried to come for Remy Ma writing:

“Ahem…. let me rephrase … Remy … you absolutely must step your shit up. The music you have been releasing is some serious old head rap shit and it’s 100% unfair that you stand up on your reality tv booster seat and make any statements about female rap as if you have done a single thing to move the cultural needle since you’ve been home. It is not 2000… battle rapping is dead. Gun clapping is not chic .. you are struggling to keep up with the rest of female rap and it’s time you seriously leave the nicki minaj subs and disses at home. No more auntie antics in 2018… for arts’ sake……”

Remy Lands New Recording Deal

Remy replied to the idicocy of the statements saying:

“When I came home [from jail] it was nothing. It was tumbleweeds blowing through as far as female artists in rap are concerned.”

The crap rapper, Azealia Banks took things a step further with a video trashing Remy:

Remy CLAPPED BACK on Snapchat to check a b-tch with FACTS:

Remy further noted that Azealia Banks is a waste of her time. Has anyone noticed that Banks always goes after the popular rappers when they’re doing well. She’s a real bitter Betty since her career is dirt.

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Remy captioned her first post:

“@azealiabanks Ayo, I know you ain’t talkin about me, dog. You? What?! You been on my d*ck; you love my style.”

She added:

“Ps: I know you don’t want no smoke so I’ll play ya lil social media games until I allow my team to convince me to stop… Remy’s Team: she’s not worth it.”

The “All The Way Up” rap star goes on to point out:


Judge Issued Bench Warrant for Azealia Banks

Then, Remy checks Azealia for changing up her caption:

“DONT F-CKIN CHANGE YA CAPTION NOW! I got a year and a half more of u stalking me, hating on ya new fave, & getting ignored… I’m officially airing out ALL y’all chicks that was on MY line heavy when I touched down & now all of a sudden got amnesia?Operation NEVER taking my foot off they neck has commenced…(& normally I’m against exposing private sh*t when things go left but y’all broads crazyyy).”

Remy then mocks Azealia Banks music:

“Lets just focus on your record #WakeMeUp, it’s doing great! Okay y’all right, “Go download, stream, and watch my new video…then come back here so y’all can hear shorty voice notes? #7w6s #RemyMa#RemyMafia ps: why was u texting me about what surgery I wanna get on ya ?.”

She shut Banks down with this last diss on social media:

Not only that, Remy Ma posted receipts of all the texts Azealia Banks sent her begging her to get on Love & Hip Hop, needing a gig, and that she needs money and a vaginal rejuvenation.

Azealia Banks CLAPS BACK at “Cornball” RZA

The girl is 26-years-old, damn Azealia is that how you have a career and make your money?

Remy Ma Check Azelia Banks After Attempted Diss

How can one person be worn out down there at 26? Someone is on their back and on the mic a whole lot.

If it wasn’t for Nicki Minaj, artists like Azealia Banks would have no lane in the music industry. Like a few others Banks is a prefab whack version of Minaj. The labels made her, but as we all see, no one cared or bought her music, so she’s become a Instagram artist gunning for a position in music. #SMH

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