Reality Show In China Helping To Cast Transformers 4


(CelebNMusic247-News) Reality Show In China Helping To Cast Transformers 4

It’s been reported that a A reality television series in China is helping director  Michael Bay find actors for the upcoming sequel Transformers 4.

And get this, four lucky individuals who participate in the program will be cast in the next installment of Bay’s big-budget franchise with Optimus Prime and his crew.  The competition will be open to both amateurs and professionals.

Here’s the drop:

Transformers 4? Chinese Actors Talent Search Reality Show will assist the filmmakers in their quest to fill certain roles for the flick. Producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura and Jiaflix Enterprises head Sid Ganis will be among the counted among the show’s judges.

Casting director Denise Chamian and Paramount’s marketing and distribution chief Megan Colligan will also be on-hand to find the perfect actors and actresses to populate Bay’s upcoming action flick.

Ganis explained that the Transformers 4 reality show will “give actors and fans of the Transformers franchise the opportunity to be appearing in a major motion picture, and it will provide the world audience yet another glimpse of the Chinese people, the Chinese culture and China itself.”

DiBonaventura also weighed in on the upcoming reality show, adding that the judges “are looking forward to becoming more and more part of the Chinese audience’s experience by bringing the Chinese culture, Chinese traditions and Chinese talent into the movie.”

Transformers 4 will be co-financed by the folks at Jiaflix Enterprises and China Movie Channel. In exchange for coughing up some serious cash to fund the flick, Michael Bay will shoot quite a bit of footage in China. The movie is expected to bow in the country on June 27, 2014.


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