Ray J Rescues His Puppy From Near Death

When it come to mans best friend, no we don’t mean Princess Love, Ray J Rescues His Puppy From Near Death!!!

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest from Ray J, who saved his puppy, Louie the Chihuahua on Thursday morning…

Ray J's new puppy Louie the Chihuahua who was suffering from pneumonia

Yes this happened, Ray J Rescued His Puppy From Near Death?

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that proud parents Ray J and Princess Love’s pooch almost died a week after they brought it home.

Six days ago, Ray J posted this question on his Instagram asking:

I’m “still Tryin to find a good name 4 him- got any ideaz?”


Here is what happened to Ray J and Princess Love’s new puppy, Louie the Chihuahua:

According to reports, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple rushed Louie the Chihuahua to a NY animal hospital Thursday morning with a 105 degree fever. Louie had pneumonia and almost didn’t make it through the night. Ray J dropped $6k on emergency treatment.


A worker at the pet store says the dog got a clean bill of health from a vet before the sale, and blames the illness on the stress of moving to a new home.

Lucky for Ray J and the dog … Louie’s expected to make a full recovery.

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