Raqi’s Fake Apology to Tahiry Goes Sour


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(CelebNMusic247-News) Raqi’s Fake Apology to Tahiry Goes Sour

Talk about a fake @ss chick, Raqi Thunda may be a “ride or die” but she hella phony!

The episode begins with Raqi Thunda heading to Olivia Longott‘s performance in hopes of finding Tahiry Jose to apologize.  She explains that Joe Budden wants her to mend fences, but after a half-baked apology, they are yelling at each other.

it’s obvious these two can’t stand each other, but I like watching Joe make Raqi beg for forgiveness. She’s a backstabber and not one to be trusted. Our radar is telling us, this maybe a snippet of their lives, but this 15 minutes of fame on Raqi is enough to know she’d sell your babies to make it in the world of hip hop…

Check it:

Yes I get heated with this show…but some of the cast just rubs me all wrong.  Joe should let her squirm and force her to relocate to another city!


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