SNITCH + Incarcerated Rapper Tekashi69 SUED By Fashion Nova

Tekashi69 SUED By Fashion Nova

SNITCH + Incarcerated Rapper Tekashi69 SUED By Fashion Nova!

According to reports Tekashi69 has somehow managed to make even more enemies before he’s sprung from jail. Read on for more since Tekashi69 is getting SUED by Fashion Nova… reports that Fashion Nova has become Tekashi69 nemesis after he allegedly walked away with their money.

Rapper Tekashi69 allegedly made a deal with Fashion Nova to do a series of brand promotions on his social media pages and through his music.

Unfortunately, it’s time Fashion Nova comes for everything  since legal docs, obtained by TMZ, state that Tekashi was paid an advance of $225,000 in October 2018.

The docs claim just 2 weeks after Tekashi got the wire, he was locked up … making him unable to perform his duties for the company. What’s more … they say Tekashi’s testimony during the trial totally torpedoed his ability to be a good brand ambassador for FN.

FN claims Tekashi was underhanded … he and his people concealed the entire criminal prosecution from them. In other words, what The fashion site seems to be saying is that they had no idea Tekashi was a criminal.

Fashion Nova says Tekashi promised to return the $225k, but never did … and now they’re suing for $2.25 million.

Tekashi is set to be released in August of this year.

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