Rapper NFL Dume Calls 50 Cent “Grandpa” After Almost Fight

Rapper NFL Dume Calls 50 Cent "Grandpa" After Almost Fight

We previously told you that Black Ink Chicago’s Nikki Nicole has moved on from Phor and is now dating 50 Cent. Well, it appears that the Power EP was out on a date with Nikki in Chitown this week and almost got into a fight.

See, a rapper by the name of NFL Dume approached 50 Cent and he was NOT pleased on the way he did it so Fiddy turned up his gangsta and almost got into a fight with the struggling rapper. Read on to watch and get more tea on NFL Dume beefing with 50 Cent …

CelebNMusic247.com reports that 50 Cent got into it with struggling rapper NFL Dume over nothing if you ask the muscled unknown.

Rapper NFL Dume took to social media calling 50 Cent for trying to get all gangsta on his ass.

The New Jersey rapper, Dume had some choice words for ole Fiddy:

@50cent u not a 24/7gangster grandpa ?? #pullup @the_nikkinicole holla at me baby!

In the video he says:

I don’t give a f-ck how big you think you are. Size don’t mean shit. Like yeah, I grew up listening to your music, I salute you, you feel me, but when I approached you I was like ‘yo I want you to look at my Instagram.’ That was it. But you was getting gangsta my n***a. That shit don’t fly over here.

NFL went on to give 50 Cent even more reason to drag his name through the mud, threatening to take his girl away from him.:

That bitch you was with, she thick as hell. Nikki Nicole, wassup baby? I seen you was looking at me smiling. Waddup tho? I should have snatched her away on sight…GRANDPA!

Check out new music from NFL Dume – “Laundry”:

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