Rapper Gets Beat Down at Coachella and Sues

Rapper Gets Beat Down at Coachella and Sues

A big rapper says Coachella’s to blame for an unprovoked attack by the music festival’s security that left him with some serious and lifelong injuries

You might remember rapper Belly was brutally attacked at Coachella during the Weeknd’s performance at Coachella in 2018. While The Weeknd was singing, Belly was being pummelled by multiple security guards repeatedly punching him in the head and beating him down to the ground for no apparent reason. Coachella is responsible for their security guards attacking rapper Belly. Read on for more details on rapper Gets Beat Down at Coachella and Sues…

Rapper Gets Beat Down at Coachella and Sues

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Belly just filed a major LAWSUIT against the famous festival, claiming their security caused the incident.

The security repeatedly punched Belly in the head back in April 2018 while his friend, The Weeknd, performed on the main stage.

According to the lawsuit [docs obtained by TMZ], Belly claims approximately 25 security guards pummeled him without cause.

Ahmad Balshe, best known as Belly has been left with lifelong injuries and blames Coachella and the festival’s security which was roughly 25 security guards who WAILED on him without cause.

The rap star has enlisted the firebrand of attorney Ben Meiselas who says he was headed to a backstage VIP area when out of nowhere, security bum-rushed him and repeatedly grabbed, punched, kicked and choked him. The brutal attack was all caught on video.

The 35-year-old rapper says the attack left him bruised, battered, concussed and nearly unconscious. He claims he suffered permanent physical and mental pain and trauma. Belly — who is also suing Coachella’s organizers and the security firm it hired — wants a ton of money, but he wasn’t specific.

Coachella’s organizers have yet responded to the Rapper Gets Beat Down lawsuit.

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