Rapper Future Allegedly Linked To Rape & STD Case In England

Rapper Future Reportedly Linked To Alleged Rape & STD Case In England

Rapper Future Allegedly Linked To Rape & STD Case In England???

According to sources rapper Future has gotten himself in a boiling pot of water so to speak. Read on after a British court released a gag order last week involving a famous person which alleges that Rapper Future is the artist in the STD Case


CelebNMusic247.com reports that a British court issued a gag order against both the Plaintiff and Defendant in the case, preventing the parties from discussing the nature of the extortion lawsuit.

See, the lawsuit was filed by a famous person who wasn’t specifically named, yet, likely to protect the person’s identity, according to the court.

Which has now led gossip starter UnwinewithTashaK to suggest that the “famous person” in this case, may be Lori Harvey’s boyfriend, rapper Future.

Here is what we are hearing about rapper Future and why all fingers are pointing at him.

While the names on most of the paperwork has been changed due to the associated public figure, one of the pieces of paper has the plaintiff/claimant listed as Naydem; Future’s legal name is Nayvedius Demun.

And the lawsuit is pretty scandalous. According to court documents, the defendant threatened to tell the media that the plaintiff allegedly raped her – as she claimed the sex was not consensual. The plaintiff also alleges that the defendant also threatened to tell the media that the plaintiff got her pregnant, gave her 2 stds, and then offered her hush money.

There is currently no information as to the veracity of the defendant’s claims, and the defendant is currently facing criminal charges for the alleged extortion. Its not clear what, if any charges the plaintiff may face, or whether the court believes the defendant’s underlying allegations.


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