R. Kelly’s Inner Circle Going To Prison Too

R. Kelly Inner Circle Going To Prison Too

We told you that R. Kelly was arrested in Chicago on Thursday, but over the weekend more evidence was stacked against him, 20 sex tapes to be exact.

What we are hearing is that R. Kelly is behind bars thanks in large part to his own inner circle. Yes, the people closest to him have turned on the beloved King of R&B. Read on because it looks like R. Kelly Inner Circle is going down with him…

R. Kelly Inner Circle Going To Prison Too

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CelebNMusic247.com reports in addition to R. Kelly and the 13 counts federal indictment in Illinois, R. Kelly’s Inner Circle may be joining him in the pen.

See, R. Kelly allegedly recorded himself having sex with minors, and now “more indictments are on the way” concerning Kelly’s vast network of staff over the years.

According to reports R. Kelly‘s inner circle, aka the people who have helped him evade prosecution. The “enablers” and former employees reportedly handed over more than 20 videos of the disgraced R&B singer having sex with underage girls, according to TMZ.

First up, is R. Kelly’s former manager, Derrel McDavid, who was also charged in facilitating and covering up Kelly’s crimes and have pleaded not guilty.

The indictment reads:

Kelly and McDavid learned that multiple videos were missing from Kelly’s collection. Kelly, McDavid, and others agreed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on Kelly’s behalf to victims, witnesses, and others to ensure that they would not cooperate with law enforcement.

It’s NOT stopping there, the same members in R. Kelly’s inner circle who put him behind bars better get ready because they are NEXT to be “indicted.”

What Gerald Griggs is saying about R. Kelly:

Gerald Griggs, who reps Joycelyn Savage’s family among other families, enablers, the fed’s investigation run by the Northern District of Illinois uncovered over 20 videos of Kelly having sex with underage girls.

The tapes reportedly feature multiple victims and the evidence can help build the case the feds are currently building e against R. Kelly. The videos can help secure indictments for sex crimes the singer is being accused of.

Griggs says several of Kelly’s enablers — past and present — flipped and turned over the tapes to investigators. It is what the feds needed to indict Kellz for sex crimes, including child pornography.

Kellz is currently facing 13-count indictment, including 4 counts of producing child pornography and 2 counts of receiving child pornography. He’s facing another 5-count federal indictment out of the Eastern District of NY which includes racketeering and 4 violations of the Mann Act.

We have also heard Kelly may NOT be getting out anytime soon. Prosecutors in Brooklyn want to keep Kelly locked up until his trial too.

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