R Kelly May be Trapped in a Criminal Investigation

R Kelly May be Trapped in a Criminal Investigation


Instead of being Trapped In The Closet, R Kelly may finally get trapped in a criminal investigation for a major sex scandal.

If any of what is being said about R Kelly is true, he may be singing from a jail cell this time around. No golden showers this time. Read on…

R Kelly May be Trapped in a Criminal Investigation

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that if Atlanta official John Eaves has it his way, that the Johns Creek Police Department has uncovered might put R Kelly in prison.

Here is what is going down now.

A Fulton County Chairman claims that the Johns Creek Police Department has uncovered new evidence against the “I Can Fly” crooner. It’s only been a couple weeks since the world got the tea that Robert Kelly is allegedly running an abusive sex cult where young women are under his control at his Atlanta and Chicago homes.

Eaves, who is running for mayor of Atlanta, is stating that the local police department has “key information” and evidence so the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office can launch a full investigation.

This apparently would be a major game changer for the accusers, because this time, if R Kelly is indeed guilty, he can kiss his R&B singing career goodbye. No fan will support the career of a sex abuser that holds women captive.

Luckily for Kells, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Johns Creek police Lt. Chris Byers said on Friday “there is no new evidence in the closed investigation.”

As for Kells, he has denied the allegations, and at least one of the women living with him, Jocelyn Savage, claims she’s staying with Kelly of her own free will.

This doesn’t sound like R Kelly. We know he’s a freak, but holding young women captive? It sounds like someone is out to ruin him.


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