R Kelly Sex Cult FULLY EXPOSED by Victims Father

R Kelly Sex Cult FULLY EXPOSED by Victims Father

Ever since Aaliyah, R Kelly has been exposed as a predator of young women. Now, R Kelly sex cult (alleged) accusations are sounding more REAL!

Read on to get more SHOCKING DETAILS on R Kelly Sex Cult CLAIMS made by Joycelyn Savage’s father, Timothy Savage

R Kelly Sex Cult FULLY EXPOSED by Victims Father

CelebNMusic247.com continues to be SHOCKED by what we are hearing, because who does this? If R Kelly is caught red handed we will have lost the last bit of respect we had for him.

R Kelly‘s career and reputation is on the line!

There have even been rumors that the 50-year-old R&B singer likes to have sex with teenage females because he allegedly fears catching an incurable STD. By sleeping with girls who are virgins, R Kelly doesn’t have to fear catching anything.

We understand his alleged logic, but its wrong on all levels. This makes him a pediphile. On top of that, R Kelly is a known freak. His career hit an all time low years ago when he was allegedly caught on video peeing on a teenage woman, who was his artist.

Fast forward to know. If any of these accusations are true, then Timothy Savage continues to EXPOSE R Kelly as a dirty dawg, and this time there is no coming back from this.

Timothy’s claims make Robert one of the worst predators in history, for luring teenage women into captivity. We have no clue how much of any of this is true, but the accusations from Joycelyn Savage’s father are seeming more real every day.

R Kelly has continued to deny any of the allegations from Joycelyn Savage’s father. However, Timothy goes on to claim the singer’s relationship with these women turned physically abusive. He even states that Kells gets the girls when they’re fresh out of high school or during their senior year. #YUCK

Is R Kelly one of those old men who lurks outside high schools after the last bell and picks up young girls for his alleged sex cult?

If you ask Timothy, the answer is yes! His daughter Jocelyn says otherwise, she is denying her father’s claims, defending Kells.

Timothy makes it clear that the FBI is currently investigating all claims made. The FBI is in full force targeting Florida.

Is R Kelly the modern day Bill Cosby on a whole new level?