R Kelly Fan Gives Kells Eggplant A "Happy Ending"

R Kelly Fan Gives Kells Eggplant A “Happy Ending”


We all know that The R&B king is known for his freaky side and during a recent concert, R Kelly let one female fan wipe his lips, his tongue. Then, R Kelly let her grab his eggplant!!!

Damn girl, we ain’t mad at you one bit. R Kelly is hot, so why not, plus he let you go there…

R Kelly Fan Gives Kels Eggplant A "Happy Ending"

CelebNMusic247.com has the video you’ve all been waiting to see. Yes, Lawd, R Kelly, whose packing a heavy 10 iron let one of his female fans cop a feel!

Apparently, R. Kelly made Lemonade after his set at the recent Soulquarius Festival after it was riddled with many technical and logistical glitches keeping fans from catching some of the night’s best music.

R Kelly Fan Gives Kells Eggplant A "Happy Ending"

Billboard reports:

The first issue started with onsite parking, which filled up so quickly that many fans had to use a lot four miles away and take a shuttle. Overcrowding of certain areas was also reportedly a problem and several fans spoke to the site about their experiences:

“We were packed together like sardines, with everybody pushing and shoving to get through. I saw one girl having what looked like a panic attack and crying,” a concertgoer named Ben Chodos told the site. “Event staff was nowhere to be found at any point.

After the drama, and issues R. Kelly played to a small crowd at the close of the night as fans vacated the event in order to avoid having their cars towed before a 1AM deadline.

R Kelly Fan Gives Kells Eggplant A "Happy Ending"

Apparently, one of those fans got their life, rubbing on R Kelly’s banana! Girl have fun…its a wonder land and E-Ticket attraction!

One lucky and unknown woman made sure to grab on those “nuts” and feel every inch of his “banana clip!”

Take a look:


After the show, R Kelly wrote:

“2017 was off the chain last night! Had a blast closing the festival. Thank you to everyone who turned up with ya boy! I had an amazing time this weekend bringing #TheAfterPartyTour to the West Coast. Texas, you’ve got next.”


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