Friend’s BLAST Quantasia Sharpton A Scammer

Quantasia Sharpton on BLAST by Friend's

Usher is NOT the first R&B singer that Quantasia Sharpton TRIED! Did you know that Quantasia Sharpton has also gone after August Alsina, Kirko Bangz, Luke James, and Keith Powers before trying Usher?

Read on and get the tea on Quantasia Sharpton, whose credibility is zero to none with us….

Quantasia Sharpton on BLAST by Friend's got some hot tea thanks to 50 Cent who weighed in on Usher’s itchy nut of a situation. Not to mention her friends in the A, who per her on BLAST!

Yesterday, Lisa Bloom happily had Quantasia Sharpton speak about Usher allegedly having sex with her on her 19th birthday. She recalled that Usher pulled her on stage (NOT in California), and got nasty with her during “Trading Places.”

Quantasia Sharpton was more than willing in the video. She was so into Usher grinding on her she made sure to back it up and let him know it was a “Yes Means Yes Law” moment for her, which is consenting when it comes to California State Health and Safety Code 120600.

But did you know that Usher is Quantasia 5th victim?

Oh yes, Quantasia first TRIED August Alsina. She’s been linked to Kirko Bangz, Luke James, then Keith Powers, and now, Usher.

Quantasia Sharpton is now the face of Usher’s mounting legal problems. Meanwhile, 50 Cent thinks it’s going get worse before it gets better for Usher. 50’s comments come as there are increasing questions about Sharpton and her credibility. (Photo above)

Meanwhile a video surfaced today. Quantasia high school friends put her on blast in a Facebook Live video, and eventually Quantasia herself:

“I have no problem with Quantasia. She finessed August Alsina. She was on flights with the nigga, getting hair cuts with the nigga. She was on FaceTime with Kirko Bangz…I’m surprised she ain’t saying she slept with Jay-Z.”

NOTE: During the Facebook Live, Sharpton said she doesn’t know why she’s being connected to Alsina.

“Me and August. It was never nothing. People made it seem like something it wasn’t. That was never my baby dad. I never said. I never even had a crush on August to look at him like that. He was messing with someone else I knew. So I don’t know where they’re getting this August sh*t from. As far as Kirko. I did one…two FaceTime calls with him. I don’t know where they’re getting this from. Now I’m looking at the blogs and they saying I slept with Keith Powers. But I can’t talk too much about the case though…”

Quantasia Sharpton on BLAST by Friend's

Then, Quantasia was linked up to Kirko bangs:

“Kirko – I did two FaceTime calls with him. I don’t know where they’re getting this from. And now the blogs talking about I was dating Keith Powers. I’m like what?!”

Quantasia Sharpton on BLAST by Friend's

Here is what we learned from and inside source who states that Quantasia and Usher had sex:

“The girl Quantasia Sharpton aka Angel Valentino lied on @usher . I can confirm that she never went back to the room with him let alone spent alone time with him. The truth is the girl is very delusional and she is known for being a liar. Her story about it being her bday is a lie. She lied to get into the event and when it was over she went back to her cheap hotel. I have witnesses who can account to this. She lied on @augustalsina as well telling people she “ran” a train on him and also lied about having twins. There was a time when she told ppl she was in a relationship with Keith Powers and she edited Luke James Wikipedia page to say that they were in a relationship. She met some dude name Jon Connor in the industry and got his name tatted on her the next day. On Monday she on was on Facebook begging for money?????”

Quantasia Sharpton on BLAST by Friend's

At the end of the video Quantasia claims that people are talking out of the side of their necks:

“If there wasn’t proof and facts, I would have never had a case. My lawyer would have never took me on. They always get facts before they start filing papers. You gon file papers on he say, she say? That don’t make no sense. People need to stop, they don’t even know what they’re talking about. The facts soon come out though.”

Quantasia Sharpton on BLAST by Friend's

Shortly after her friend’s put her on BLAST for being a scammer, she took to SnapChat to deny, deny, deny: