Quantasia Sharpton Ends Lawsuit on Social Media

Quantasia Sharpton Ends Lawsuit on Social Media

We reported that Quantasia Sharpton friends put her on blast, after the exposed her for being a finesse artist.

It’s not a good image, because Quantasia Sharpton friends got her talking on social media, after she spoke at the press conference with Lisa Bloom. “Loose lips ruins lawsuits!” Read on to see how Quantasia Sharpton ends lawsuit

Quantasia Sharpton Ends Lawsuit on Social Media

CelebNMusic247.com knows that if you’re part of a legal case the last thing you do is go on social media and talk about it.

We don’t think  Lisa Bloom will be too happy about this, especially since Quantasia Sharpton knows she is NOT to talk about the case. That means stay off of social media – thirsty fame whore!

Quantasia Sharpton did just that. In the video below, one of her high school friends reveals that Sharpton has a history of “finessing” celebrity men, including August Alsina, Kirko Bangz, Keith Powers (He played Ronnie DeVoe in BET’s The New Edition Story mini series) and more.

Quantasia Sharpton Ends Lawsuit Details:

Sharpton has been linked to the following men according to her friend:

“I have no problem with Quantasia. She finessed August Alsina. She was on flights with the nigga, getting hair cuts with the nigga. Tasia was on FaceTime with Kirko Bangz…I’m surprised she ain’t saying she slept with Jay-Z.”

They even claim that Sharpton had previously lied about being pregnant, having cancer, and claimed a celebrity was her baby daddy. “We never saw that baby ever!”

Of course, Quantasia joined the conversation on Facebook live trying to clarify:

“I never even had a crush on August to look at him like that. He was messing with someone else I knew. As far as Kirko. I did one…two FaceTime calls with him. I don’t know where they’re getting this from. Now I’m looking at the blogs and they saying I slept with Keith Powers. But I can’t talk too much about the case though…”


How Quantasia Sharpton Ends Lawsuit:

Bottom line Sharpton is a definitely a sketchy individual. What makes it worse is that is appears that she was well aware of getting her 15-minutes of fame. We’ve noticed about Sharpton is that she may have a case, but what? She didn’t contract herpes from Usher, and it’s been said that she and Usher hooking up is fabricated. All she has is Usher knowingly not telling her about his STD status.

But herein lies the next problem.

Quantasia couldn’t help herself. She didn’t stay quiet. Instead, Sharpton went on SnapChat chirping:


Usher is getting ready to sue all of the accusers for defamation of character. Watch out girl your 15-minutes has already expired!

Do you think that Quantasia Sharpton ends lawsuit, after talking too much on social media?