Prison Bae Jeremy Meeks + Chloe Green Split

Prison Bae Jeremy Meeks + Chloe Green Split

Prisoner turned model Jeremy Meeks is back on the market! According to reports Jeremy Meeks + his now ex-girlfriend, Chloe Green have called it quits!

Get the latest from Jeremy Meeks who has dumped his billionaire girlfriend who is pregnant with his child. Get the tea on Prison Bae Turned Model Jeremy Meeks + Chloe Green Split

Prison Bae Jeremy Meeks + Chloe Green Split reports that Jeremy Meeks and his now ex-girlfriend Chloe Green called it quits after two years, according to an insider.

An insider confirmed Jeremy Meeks + Chloe Green have called it QUITS!

The source reveals:

They split about two months ago, but are off and on still speaking.

In addition to the news of the split, Jeremy’s now ex Chloe Green, who is the daughter of billionaire Philip Green, is also reportedly selling the London home they shared together.

Word is [US Weekly], Jeremy dumped her following the news that she was spotted kissing a man on a yacht over the weekend.

what is so interesting, Meeks told Green to “have fun” when she shared a picture from the boat.

He started dating Green in 2017 and welcomed their son Jayden, last May.

His romance with Green also started about a year before his divorce with his ex-wife Melissa was finalized. They have two children together.

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