Prince Estate Scores Big Time Against Eye Records

Prince Estate Scores Big Time Against Eye Records

The Prince estate scored big time in a legal victory that will help preserve the legacy and integrity of his music. Not to mention the tons of cash, $7 million to be exact.

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Prince Estate Scores Big Time Against Eye Records reports that new legal docs reveal that the Prince estate scores major win against bootleg record label.

The judge sided with the Prince estate in its suit against Eye Records, which Prince’s estate described as a “bootleg label dedicated to Prince.”

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the Prince estate will get $7 million in the default judgment.

As for the record label, they have been ordered to take down all of its bootlegged Prince property.

If you recall, back in August of 2018, Prince’s estate sued Eye Records for allegedly releasing 18 Prince compilations since his death, including live performances and unreleased tracks, without rights.

The suit revealed that Eye Records was using the online store to sell the bootlegged music, and Prince’s estate wanted $2 million for every alleged Prince trademark violation, for which there were a lot.

The estate wasn’t awarded that much moolah, but $7 million is nothing to sneeze at.

Following the victory, the website was immediately taken down already.