President 45 Added to Hall of Presidents; Disney World Goers Divided

President 45 Added to Hall of Presidents; Disney World Goers Divided


While some of you are screaming “NOOOOOOO!” Disney World continues their tradition of adding every President to The Hall of Presidents.  President 45 addition already dividing Disney Goers

The only good thing about President 45 being added to Disney World’s Hall of President is that he won’t be tweeting anything. The unfortunate thing, we all have to hear his annoying voice sound off at each and every show. Read on…

President 45 Added to Hall of Presidents; Disney World Goers Divided

Photo: Disney World/Twitter

Disney World added its 45th animatronic President to the Hall of Presidents, and he has made his debut at the Magic Kingdom.

Walt Disney World visitors got a sneak peek of the refurbished attraction with the President 45 figure front and slightly off-center this afternoon.

The Sun Sentinel reports:

The attraction officially opens Tuesday, Disney said. Visitors in the park Monday afternoon were able to see the new figure and film.

Here is what you can expect from the President Trump’s figure whose head moves back and forth during the traditional roll call of leaders.

President 45’s first part of his speech was a re-recording of the presidential oath of office. His animatronic statue uses his trademark talking with his hands. Here is what he says while moving his head back and forth during the traditional roll call of leaders:

“Above all, to be American is to be an optimist — to believe that we can always do better — and that the best days of our great nation are still ahead of us. It’s a privilege to serve as the president of the United States, to stand here among so many great leaders of our past, and to work on behalf of the American people.” 

Trump’s figure stands between Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, whose animatronics are seated:

The new Presidential addition already has mixed reviews:

Rick Buck of Whitesboro, N.Y., said he loved the show and representation of Trump, whom he said he voted for last year. He said it looked like the president, down to “the tie that goes past the buckle.”

Meanwhile, Nathan Cruse, who is visiting Florida from Redmond, Wash., didn’t like Trump dominating the last segment of the show: “I feel like they shouldn’t have the incumbent president speak if he’s not popular nationwide.”

Palmer Report an honest political journalism writes; “Disney World has added Donald Trump to the Hall of Presidents, which means it’s now the “Hall of Presidents plus that one illiterate racist traitor who briefly and illegally occupied the office before being impeached and imprisoned for treason”

Another Platinum pass holder at the park previewed the new attraction and this was her reaction: “Disney finally put Trump in the Hall of Presidents and the others are all ‘can you believe this schmuck'”


Petition to Ban President 45 in Hall of President Fails:

Let’s not forget that there was a movement among those who oppose President 45 to exclude him or his voice from the attraction. An online petition gathered more than 15,000 virtual signatures. Sadly enough, Disney included him despite how many American do not like him.

The theater was about half-full for Monday’s first presentation at 4 p.m. There was applause when the curtain rose to reveal the presidents, and again at the end of the show.

As for, Barack Obama’s animatronic, he is now adjacent to two of his contemporaries, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

The attraction has received the following upgrades in sound, light and projection. The waiting room has been refurbished and now includes additional presidential memorabilia – (Lyndon Johnson’s monogrammed boots, Gerald Ford’s ski poles, Thomas Jefferson’s pocket watch).

The Hall of Presidents, which debuted with the Magic Kingdom in 1971. It gets refurbished every-time our country gets a new President.

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