Power Creator Confirms Angela Is NOT Dead

Power Creator Confirms Angela Is NOT Dead

On the season finale of Power, everyone was screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Not Angie!”

Well, we have good news, Power creator has something to share about the upcoming season 6 because they know everyone is sick that Angie was shot and left to think she died. Read on…


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This is not the ending Ghost and Angela wanted. Watch the #PowerFinale and all of Season 5 on the @STARZ App now.

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CelebNMusic247.com can confirm thanks to Power Creators who have revealed that Angela is NOT DEAD!

In a shocking twist to have a cliffhanger to top all cliffhangers, Tommy, who’s never been a fan of AUSA Valdes, shoots Angela in the chest, eliminating what he believes was their problem.

War was declared as Tommy smirks at Ghost and Ghost losses it!

If you were glued to Power this season then you were well aware that the season was all about strange bedfellows. The enemy of my enemy is my friend theory played out all season, as fans watched Tasha, Angela, Ghost, and Tommy worked together in order to stay out of jail.

To recap who we lost in Power season 5:

In Season Five of the Starz-scripted drama Power, viewers said goodbye to Kanan Stark. After being stopped by the cops, a plan devised by Tasha and Tariq. Special K went out like a gangster, but not before killing four members of the NYPD.

We also said goodbye to the snake boyfriend-lawyer Terry Silver who was caught having sex with Tasha in an underground parking lot. Ghost saw the whole thing and after Tasha left we see him choking out Silver, so it’s safe to say he may NOT be dead just yet.

Tommy also killed his father Tony Teresi for being a rat to the feds, but the mafia revealed that Ghost was the leak behind the photos of Teresi snitching. Of course, Cooper Saxe still has a hard-on for Ghost and will do everything in his power to expose Angela. It only makes sense to take them down by using Tommy as a pawn in his endgame plans by leaking the audio of Teresi saying he was NEVER going to snitch on his only son.

It was the perfect set up and motive for Tommy to kill Ghost, but Angela sacrificed herself for love.

Here is what Power Creator Courtney Kemp who said “Stop the debates”:

Power Creator Confirms Angela Is NOT Dead

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