POWER: 50 Cent Responds To Trey Songz ‘Big Rich Town’ Backlash

POWER: 50 Cent Responds To Trey Songz 'Big Rich Town' Backlash

Power returned for season 6 on Sunday, and a lot of things went down that many fans are NOT pleaseed with starting with the new remix of “Big Rich Town” featuring Trey Songz.

During the Power aftershow, 50 Cent that he felt it was time for change and that having Trey Songz take over the theme song “just felt right” it was “something more danceable.” Well, that is where we will agree to disagree with 50 on that. To us, it just weaked the track and made it soft. Read on for more on the new Power theme featuring Trey Songz…

What made 50 Cent’s version of “Big Rich Town” stronger is it had that street feel to it. It was purely 50 Cent, gritty, hard, yet chill – Now it’s like a soft washed down version of something that was once great, CelebNMusic247.com reports.

The new Power theme remix of “Big Rich Town” featuring Trey Songz is like a bad remake of a great movie. Somethings should NEVER be touched and the now-classic “Big Rich Town” featuring Joe is one of them.

Sorry Curtis Jackson, but we don’t agree on this, but it doesn’t matter what we think.

Nope, 50 Cent gone still get his paper and more.

Twitter users immediately slammed the remix, and many critics called on Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson to bring back the original tune. The Power executive producer responded to the negative reviews on his Instagram page

50 Cent has responded to the backlash from fans of Power about “Big Rich Town.”

He says:

Damn it man ?y’all just want f–k with me today, talking bout put my song back or I’m a f*ck you up 50 ?chill out alright, did you like the episode? #lecheminduroi #TheKing? #bransoncognac.

Jackson also addressed the issue in a video posted on Twitter.

He says:

These motherf–kers talking about Trey Songz. You ain’t bought a motherf–king Joe CD in years, now you talking about Trey Songz. Trey did that sh*t as a favor for me. Y’all keep this sh*t up… F–k it, I’m gonna have to put that motherf–ker back the way it was [laughs].

Fiddy posted this about the Joe version of “Big Rich Town” Power theme:


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Y’all better STOP this bullshit right now. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac

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