Pharrell Removes Perma-Ink?

(CelebNMusic247) Pharrell Over Perma-Ink?

Chart-topping superproducer and N.E.R.D. frontman, Pharrell says that his Perma-Ink were just a part of a phase in his younger years.

Pharrell has revealed that he has been undergoing tattoo removal. He also admits that his body art was him just rebelling.

Pharrell explains:

“No, I was just young and dumb.”

“I ended up getting them as fast as I could, just going through a really crazy rebellious period. I got a lot of them but yes, [Anil Gupta] had given me one of my best tattoos. I’m going to go back to him. I still have tattoo removal being done now.”

Here is Pharrell before the laser removal:

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