Pete Davidson RIPS Kanye’s SNL Speech

Pete Davidson RIPS Kanye's SNL Speech

Like many of us out there we all just want Kanye West to shut up and just make good music. Pete Davidson is saying everything we all want to say.

Unfortunately, we also all know Kanye West is doing Kanye ranting and looking like a complete fool promoting Trump.

So, SNL’s Pete Davidson broke it down and RIPS Ye for his speech and the lies he is claiming that happened backstage. Read on…

Watch how Pete Davidson RIPS Kanye’s SNL Speech in a very funny and Saturday Night Live way!

By now everyone who watched or didn’t watch the premiere episode is versed on Kanye West and his unwanted speech that only Trump loved.

SNL’s Pete Davidson had a few key points and some advice for West because it was said earlier in the week that he is banned from ever being invited back to SNL.

Pete started off saying:

I wanted a career and that is why I left.

Pete Davidson RIPS Kanye's SNL Speech

He went on to talk about Kanye wearing the “MAGA hat” and how it was stupid, “but that is what people call it.”

Anyways, Pete pointed out that Kanye lied about the SNL cast trying to “bullied him not to wear it” because “it might be offensive to his wife or every black person in the US.”

Davidson also touched on Ye claiming that Democrats broke up all black families on welfare and that slavery is not real.

Pete said during the “Weekend Update” news segment:

Do you know how wrong you have to be about politics for me to notice? You know how annoying that it is?

He then compared Kanye West’s music genius to Joey Chestnut’s eating genius, “a hot dog eating genus, but I don’t want to hear Joey Chestnut’s opinion on things not hot dog related.”

Then Pete RIPS Kanye West saying:

Kanye I know you are saying ‘Yo this is the real me I’m off the meds’…take them! There is no shame in the medicine game.  If I got on a plane and the pilot said this is the real me flying tonight, I’d jump out.

Then he tells the public and directs this statement to Ye:

Being mentally ill is NOT an excuse to act like a jackass!

When asked how Kanye can earn him back, Pete showed Kanye in a way he understands by wearing a hat that reads “Make Kanye 2006 Again.”

Pete Davidson RIPS Kanye's SNL Speech

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