Party Down South Drunksgiving Full Video


Party Down South Drunksgiving Full Video!!!

On Thursday Party Down South 2 kicks off, but NOT before we bring back the original cast of wild partiers for Party Down South Drunksgiving Full Video!

Yes Mattie, Murry, Daddy, Lauren, Tiffany, Lyle and Walt.

It’s simple the gang is back to party it up for Thanksgiving redneck style, so lots of booze, lots of crazy, lots of beer bongs, and lots of fun. Lil Bit NOT INCLUDED. Can you believe Murry show up with a live Turkey which he is going to kill and fry for diner.

OMG! That’s some Country sh-t!


What the best way to kick off the drunksgiving? With Fireball and Vodka shots.

While Murry is asleep, Daddy decides to be the Turkey Masiah and lets dinner go, so they have to go out and buy a Turkey instead. All the girls are happy because they didn’t have the heart to kill Mr Turkey.

Watch as this Thanksgiving, the crew comes together to count their blessings, pound shots and catch up on their fighting:

Don’t forget Party Down South Season 3 returns in January on Thursdays at 9/8c on CMT 2016.