Paris Hilton Hiring Nanny For New Puppy


Paris Hilton Hiring Nanny For New Puppy?!?

When you’re an heiress apparently the world is your oyster, because Paris Hilton Hiring Nanny For New Puppy!

OMG! The puppy is so-o-o-o tiny…

Paris Hilton, who now owns eight dogs, is considering on hiring a full-time nanny for her latest pooch, a micro-mini teacup Pomeranian.

Here is what has learned via PageSix who reports:

A source revealed that Paris bought the the cute little pup and another for her mom for $25,000 on Tuesday. She brought the pup to Kari Feinstein’s Golden Globes Style Lounge at the the Andaz in West Hollywood.

While one source insisted Hilton was joking, another said:

“She is thinking about getting the dog its own nanny. It’s so small she needs someone to feed it as if it were a newborn baby.”