Jay-Z & Beyonce Tops Forbes List For Highest Paid Couple

(CelebNMusic247) Once again Jay-Z and Beyonce are making headlines for having major money in the bank.

The power couple, have once again been named the highest-paid celebrity couple, according to Forbes magazine.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter have an estimated annual income of $78 million, which is Beyonce’s $40 million and Jay-Z’s $38 million combined. And go to think, Jay used to say Beyonce had play money compared to his bank account. Seems the two are pretty equal these days when it comes to Forbes and having money to rely on for life. _ Flip and read on…

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Mary’s Pizza Shack Is A Hidden Treasure Since 1959

(CelebNMusic247) Mary’s Pizza Shack is one of Sonoma’s hidden treasures.

You would think in Wine Country a nice Cabernet or Merlot would be appropriate, but there is nothing like some down homestyle Italian cooking. Mary’s is a staple of Sonoma and was founded by Mary Fazio herself in 1959.

She started off with a little shack in Boyes Hot Springs – There was three tables and a couple of boths. While I grew up in Sonoma, Friday nights were all about Football and Mary’s Pizza. She took the town by storm and made a name for herself.

If you love piping hot pizza, zesty spaghetti with Meatballs, Zeti, Lasagna and more than Mary’s is definitely a hotspot for you to check out after a day of wine tasting or   while you get away for the weekend.  – Find out more about Mary’s Pizza, one of the best pizza’s in Sonoma…

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Shifty ShellShock Drops New Music ” Love To You”

(CelebNMusic247) Shifty ShellShock Drops New Music ” Love To You“:

Shifty ShellShock of Shifty’s Crazytown has been currently touring this summer working one new music and growing a buzz from the US to Russia.

The frontman of Shifty’s Crazytown is back on his A-game working with DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit in the lab, coming up with some new music that is gonna get up and ready go ballistic.

We have an EXCLUSIVE first listen to Shifty’s new single “Love to You” which is a blend of funky and rock.  The bad boy boyfriend love song that talks some real ish. It’s Shifty 100% talking about what he knows best, his real life experiences.

Listen to the song and get a glimpse of Shifty’s personal life. The song is a sure hit and can be found on an upcoming compilation.

New Music: Shifty ShellShock’s – ” Love To You”

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