Benny Blanko Drops New Sic Vid “Ape Shxt”

(CelebNMusic247)  Benny Blanko Drops New Sic Vid “Ape Shxt.”

Benny Blanko video is produced By J. Diablo off upcoming mixtape, Reek: Vol. 2.  “Ape Shxt” is directed by Nicolas Heller. Flip and watch…

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Dolph Lundgren Talks ‘Expendales 2’

(CelebNMusic247) Dolph Lundgren talks Expendales 2.

Dolph Lundgren recently sat down with BlackTree to discuss the sequel to the smash action hit The Expendales. It may seem that The Expendales franchise is the place were retired action stars go to revive their careers, but in the sequel Sylvester Stallone has added more ex-action stars like Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme who turned him down in the first installment.

Not that the franchise is a mega hit for action fans they’ve jumped on board. However, Dolph Lundgren, who was in the first returns for another go around in The Expendales 2.

Lundgren who plays  Gunner Jensen, talks about working with Stallone, Willis, Sha, Norris, Van Dame and all the attitudes. He says that they’re more mellow now, then they were back in the 80’s and 90’s. Flip and watch…

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Pooch Hall Confirm For Season 6 of BET’s ‘The Game’

(CelebNMusic247) Pooch Hall Confirms Return To BET’sThe Game.’

After news broke on the blogosphere fans of BET’s “The Game” were disheartened at the end of season five.

Word broke that both Pooch Hall and Tia Mowry would be leaving the series where they played the principal characters Derwin and Melanie.

Well that’s all about to change for Derwin’s character at the moment. – Flip and read on…

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