Dope Mizz – “Cameras” Freestyle

(CelebNMusic247) Dope Mizz  – “Cameras” Freestyle

Dope Mizzy is from Kiladelphia, another star born who’s quickly making his way to the top, too thurl to be kept underground. When Mizzy is spitting that ether, it’s mind-blowing by how natural and easy flowing his verses are.

Dope Mizz freestyle to “Cameras” by Drake, he truly shows his talents and gives off a very chill and mellow vibe. Mizzy is always grinding, putting in that hard work, and you know what they say…. go hard or go home.

Mizzy is only 17 years old, Philly sure does nurture the best. If I were you juice heads, I would be on the lookout for Dope Mizzy because,he’s on the come up, But for now……check out “Rollin Stoned” his new mixtape Right Here!!!!


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SIC VID: Twista – “Bath And Bodyworks”

(CelebNMusic247) Twista – “Bath And Bodyworks”

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Gloria Govan Threatens To SLAP Shaunie O’Neal?

(CelebNMusic247) Gloria Govan Threatens To SLAP Shaunie O’Neal?

Basketball Wives LA’s Gloria Govan may have been half-joking when she threatened to slap Shaunie O’Neal and the rest of the Basketball Wives Miami cast.

Rumor has it, Gloria Govan‘s sister Laura was a mistress of Shaunie’s husband Shaquille O’Neal. The two basketball wives famously bumped heads in the first season of Basketball Wives Miami regarding her sister and Shaq.

In fact, once the adultery news surfaced  it was open season on Gloria until she and her sister Laura scored their own spin-off in LA.

Now, in a recent interview with EURweb that began with Gloria showing off her mixed martial arts moves, she was asked if given the chance, who would she use her moves on?

Gloria Govan humorously replied:

“I think I’d use my moves on every cast member in Miami.”

“I would wait for Evelyn. Evelyn would be last.”

“I’d knock out Shaunie first.” 

“Royce and I had a moment…she apologized to me after the reunion so I would wait for that…I wouldn’t knock her out; I’d probably just smack the sh**t out of her. 

“Suzie, I like, so that’s cool. Jennifer just gets on my nerves, like her voice irritates me. So, I would try to take out her voice box. Evelyn, her whole face is irritating,”

“But I’d backhand the s**t out of Shaunie, first.”

Don’t judge Gloria remarks about Evelyn, because the  interview went down before Evelyn was beat down by Chad Ochocinco.

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