Karlie Redd SHUTS DOWN False Daughter Photo

(CelebNMusic247) Karlie Redd SHUTS DOWN False Daughter Photo

On Monday night, Karlie Redd said she didn’t want her daughter involved with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

The news of her daughter surfaced after she and K Michelle argued over her age during the reunion show. Bottom line, during part 1 of the reunion show, when asked her real age, Karlie refused to share.

Redd didn’t want to divulge her daughter’s age, because she doesn’t want her daughter involved with the show or the public.

Yesterday, a number of sites have shared a photo of an 18-year-old girl, claiming that she is Karlie’s daughter. But according to Karlie’s tweets, the girl posted all over the ‘net, isn’t her daughter.

Karlie Redd wrote:

“I feel sorry for that poor Lil girl and her parents for getting exploited by the media. That’s not my daughter. Bossip get your facts right!”

What’s even more shocking about the FALSE report is the girl [who is 21] has been tweeting that she has plans to sue the outlet in question. OMG!

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Bobby Brown Skips Out On Rehab?

(CelebNMusic247) Bobby Brown Skips Out On Rehab?

There are many gossip sites with conflicting stories today when it comes to Bobby Brown and his departure from rehab.

Some sites say he has skipped out on his rehab, according to a source who revealed to Radar that:

“Bobby is no longer in rehab, he decided he’s had enough treatment for his problems.”

“However, after fulfilling his duties for his DUI plea deal, Bobby has decided that he doesn’t need treatment anymore.

“Bobby’s family and friends are terrified, despite his pleas that he’s sober, that he will fall off the wagon once again.

“They’re not sure if he was ever serious about conquering his demons and have voiced their concerns. It’s difficult to believe someone going into rehab for alcohol addiction for such a short time is genuine about giving up drinking.”

While his wife/manager Alicia Etheridge tells RumorFix exclusively that the New Edition singer has “graduated.”

Alicia, who is also Bobby’s manager, tells us,

“No one is worried. We are all supportive and proud.”

Bobby was arrested for DUI in March.

What to do, when reports conflict. Actually we believe Alicia, for now.

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Toni Monroe Is Not Your Ordinary Female ‘Rapper’

(CelebNMusic247) Toni Monroe Is Not Your Ordinary Female ‘Rapper’

Toni Monroe = “The BIGGEST name in the GAME”

We get submissions from artists from all over the world and ever so often we get content that we’d like to share with our Gumbumpers. But, when I received Toni Monroe’s packet I was like…. “Okay, she’s on to something. She’s different, confident, She acknowledges her differences as a female rapper and she actually has talent.”

So, why not…. Gumbumpers tell us what YOU think….

In an industry saturated with booty shaking females and dudes oozing with street credibility… Enter TONI MONROE, a Cali-bred MC from LOS ANGELES, armed with theGRIND of a hustler, the lyrical flow of a VETERAN, and a style to make even the most skeptical critic take a second look.

Although Hip-Hop allowed her to find her voice, it has been a struggle. Being WHITE, (JEWISH to be exact) A FEMALE, and a B.B.W. (Big Beautiful Woman) in an industry dominated by black males, where only a few great female MC’s have made their mark, Toni’s mission is to spark, inspire and motivate change.

“The voices of women in hip hop are almost absent these days…Anybody can rap, but when you take a step back, and really put thought into what you’re saying, it opens up for dialogue…and now we are teaching.” Whether you’re BLACK, WHITE, GAY or STRAIGHT, BIG or SMALL…YOUNG or OLD, Toni Monroe= (equals) ONE SIZE that FITS ALL!

Toni Monroe  – “Imma Be Okay/Hit the Trap” video:


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