Limp Bizkit Guitarist Wes Borland Talks Cash Money

(CelebNMusic247) Limp Bizkit Guitarist Wes Borland Talks Cash Money.

Wes Borland spoke to Billboard magazine about the rap-metal‘s upcoming debut album for Cash Money Records.

Limp Bizkit  new album is tentatively titled Stampede of the Disco Elephant. Fred Durst sign with Cash Money earlier in the year, however,  little to no material has been released just yet.

Wes Borland explains:

“We’ve got a bunch of songs, and we’re not at the point where I can go, ‘Yes, the record is starting to form’ and see where all of this is going.”

“Right now, we’re recording songs, and it’s been all over the place as far as what it is we’re doing. They don’t make sense together yet.” “We’re planning on doing songs with them more geared to what they have to offer as far as their producers and what their expectations are for what we’re doing.”

Borland continued.

“At the same time all those artists on Cash Money are starting to discover rock and put an electric guitar element into their songs, and I’m really itching to get my foot in the door and be part of that.”

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Mimi Faust Does PSA For Hate Crimes Against Women

(CelebNMusic247) Mimi Faust does PSA for Hate Crimes against women!

MiMi Faust joins the ranks along with K. Michelle who release her PSA last week to help Saving Our Daughters unite to stop hate crimes against women.

MiMi supports, “I am Here… to Yell Confidence” fundraising drive with her new PSA.

Take immediate action with Mimi to stop hate crimes against women, donation today and help a woman in need.

Watch below…

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Dr. Dre Tweet’s Pic From Set of NWA Movie

(CelebNMusic247) Rapper/producer Dr. Dre tweeted a photo him with director F. Gary Gray on the set of the upcoming N.W.A. movie.

it looks as thing on off to a great start and the movie is currently in production. Although  casting details haven’t been completely divulged and a release date is yet to be set, the pic set off a buzz among hip hop fans.

Dr Dre Tweeted his followers:

“Dre & F Gary Gray – The NWA Movie kicks off the collaboration!”

“Expect more incredible projects from this powerhouse duo.”

The production has been casting since the spring.

Former group members Ice Cube and MC Ren are also reportedly taking a hands-on approach with the film. An inside source leaked to us that Ice Cubes son will be taking on Ice in the movie, though nothing has been confirmed – we will keep you posted on the film.

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