Tyra Banks And Rob Evans Bumping Uglies?

(CelebNMusic247) Tyra Banks and Rob Evans Bumping Uglies?

Supermodel/America’s Next Top Model creator and star, Tyra Banks is in a bit of a pickle, sour pickle that is.  Banks put on quite a show Friday on Good Morning America stripping her fellow judge from America’s Next Top Model, Rob Evans.

Evans, a 24-year-old British model, is one of Tyra’s new recruits of judges for the upcoming season of ANTM.

Rumor started swirling about the two, after hey were in Jamaica and tweeted a picture together.

 Tyra says:

“We were shooting America’s Next Top Model in Jamaica,”

“I was like Rob let’s get these dreadlock wigs and take a picture in the water.”

Now, both Tyra and Rob say there is no romance. The Thirty-eight-year-old Tyra, who is executive producer on ANTM and Rob’s boss, says:

“There’s not [any romance]. He’s my baby … There’s a lot of love”

She claims its a platonic kind of thang.


What do you think – Dating secretly or NOT?

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Troy Polamalu Lives Flake Free with Head and Shoulders?

(CelebNMusic247) Troy Polamalu lives flake free with  Head and Shoulders

Is that Diana Ross?

No its Pittsburgh Steelers,strong safety, Troy Polamalu, who is living a flake free life thanks to Head and Shoulders. Polamalu shows us another side, off the field in his “Deep Like Me” Commercial.

The commercial is comical and shows a gentle side of the NFL baller playing classical music on a piano, candle opera included.


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Dwayne Wade SLAMS LeBron James!

(CelebNMusic247) Dwayne Wade SLAMS LeBron James!

Dwayne Wade was recently on ESPN to shed some light on the reality of things down in Miami. Moreover, during the ESPN interview Wade straight up BASHES LeBron James, saying:

“I don’t know if James has the ability to surpass Jordan or not…my version as LeBron being on par with Michael is this: They’re both on the golf course. Michael’s on the 18th hole. LeBron is somewhere on like the 4th hole. He’s got a long way to go…”

I don’t care how you spin this or try to twist it, this is absolutely hilarious.

We all know that LeBron couldn’t have received his championship without Wade or  Bosh. And it seems like perhaps Wade is getting a bit fed up with the credit that LeBron is getting.

Remember, Wade already has a chip under his belt and at this point in his career, it’s all about his legacy and who wants their legacy to be reflective of side-kick superhero?

Side kicks are always forgotten.

What do you think?

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