Olsen Twins Nylon Bag Is How Much

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Olsen Twins Nylon Bag Is How Much

The Olsen twins empire has done very well for themselves since their days on Full House, but these girls are NOT dealing with a Full House when it comes to their newest Nylon Bag creation.

Can you believe that this Nylon bag runs $1,550.00?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s luxury label, The Row, is known for its often out-of-reach prices – from $35,000 leather backpacks to $690 leggings.

Now, CelebNMusic247.com has learned that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have over-priced their new nylon bag.  The navy oversize sling hobo-style bag is made from a nylon-blend, and features a leather handle

Take a look because it comes in two colors.




Would you spend $1550.00 on a nylon purse?