Offset Wants Cardi B Back for Christmas But She’s Like

Offset Wants Cardi B Back for Christmas But She's Like

Apparently, Offset is hoping life is like a Hallmark channel Christmas movie because he wants his family back.

All Offset wants for Christmas is Cardi B and Baby Kulture, the only problem is that he forgets he can’t have his cake and eat it to. Read on…

Offset Wants Cardi B Back for Christmas But She's reports the Migos rapper wants to come home for the holidays to spend time with his family.

He forgets that his sexcapades with THOTS is the reason why Cardi B is like “NOPE, NOT HAPPENING!”

TMZ reports:

Offset is trying to make plans to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with his ex and their five-month-old daughter Kulture. The site reports, Offset knows how important spending Kulture’s first Christmas with [her] will be, and wants to be there.”

Cardi took to Instagram recently only to see Offset telling her to “SHUT UP” on an Instagram Live video, captured by In Da News TV:

Meanwhile, Offset wants Cardi to give their marriage another shot and is reportedly trying to win back her heart.

Offset Wants Cardi B Back for Christmas But She's Like

The “Money” rapper though is said to be weighing her options, especially given the cheating rumors surrounding their relationship.

It’s no secret that Cardi and Offset have been having marital problems since the cheating on her with multiple women.

Today, Offset’s side-chick, Summer Bunni is trying to keep her 15-minutes alive with another Instavideo:

Despite Summer Bunni claiming “I didn’t know he was married…sorry” BS, he posted a video of himself bumping Cardi’d “Bardie Cardi” to show he thinking about her.

In addition to his video post, Offset wrote Cardi B is on his mind all the time on Twitter Sunday (December 9).

He wrote:

I Miss Cardi.

Offset Wants Cardi B Back for Christmas But She's Like

E! News reports, Cardi is “very torn” over what their future holds. The insider added things have “been really hard” for the both of them since their split, saying Offset is “trying to win Cardi back” but she’s “not on board yet.”

The source added:

They haven’t been spending time together and Cardi expressed she still wants her space. She is very busy right now with her work and is focused solely on Kulture.

Word is, Cardi has not begun divorce proceedings because “there is still a chance of reconciliation.”

If he wants to get his wife, he should take some notes from VenusFluer who sent over these flowers to congratulate her accomplishments:

WAKE UP: The grass is NEVER greener with the THOTs because they got NOTHING going on, they just got P and want money, clothes, and their bills paid. When you a rapper, stop messing with low-level THOTs looking for a come up. There ain’t no future there Offset.

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