Notre Dame Burning To The Ground; Twitter Reacts

Notre Dame Burning To The Ground; Twitter Reacts

The fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral will be devastating!

The cathedral’s famous spire has collapsed in flames. Firefighters are on the scene trying to battle the blaze but are reportedly having major problems due to their ladders being too short. Read on for reactions to Notre Dame burning To the ground…

Notre Dame Burning To The Ground; Twitter reports that the Notre Dame Cathedral’s frame is burning after spire collapsed.

Notre Dame has 800-year-old gothic architecture was initiated by Louis VII in 1160 and was largely completed a century later in 1260. Now it is burning to the ground, this is tragic watching history burn. Literally. #SAD #SMH

Here are a couple of FACTS:

  • It is an incredible testament to Catholicism and Western Civilization. Notre-Dame de Paris, built 330 years before Columbus discovered the New World — it has seen the reign and coronation of Henry VI, survived the French Revolution, and two World Wars. Absolutely tragic.
  • For those asking why they are not dropping water on the fire at Notre Dame, firefighting officials say that dumping water would likely destroy the stone structure.

A Notre Dame spokesperson says:

Everything is burning, nothing will remain from the frame.

Sources believe the inferno may have been caused by recent restoration of the church. President Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe are heading to the scene.

Check out the reactions on Twitter:

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