Nipsey Hussle’s Family Politely Dismisses Reggie Bush GoFundMe Efforts

Nipsey Hussle’s Family Politely Dismisses Reggie Bush GoFundMe Efforts

You may have heard that Reggie Bush posted a GoFundMe account to help support Nipsey Hussle’s children following his tragic death, but Nip made sure his kids are taken care of for life.

Following Nipsey Hussle’s untimely and Tragic death former NFL star Reggie Bush felt the need to start a Gofundmen account, but Nip’s business partner Karen Civil quickly shut that down. Read on to get the latest on Nipsey Hussle’s family politely turning Reggie Bush‘s efforts down…

Nipsey Hussle’s Family Politely Dismisses Reggie Bush GoFundMe reports that Reggie Bush efforts were notably, but $100,000 is NOT helping Nipsey Hussle’s kids for life like their dad did for them already.

See, Reggie Bush announced he was starting the “Nipsey Legacy Fund” and kicked things off by pledging $10,000 hoping his followers and friends will help raise the other $90,000.

While this was a noble act on his part, it would seem the former NFL running back did not have permission from Hussle’s family to start the GoFundMe page.

The issue began when the former NFL running back tweeted a link on Friday, April 12, asking for donations to help establish a trust fund for Hussle’s two young children.

Here is the tweet that started the problem:

Nipsey Hussle’s Family Politely Dismisses Reggie Bush GoFundMe Efforts

On Saturday (Apr.13) Karen Civil tweeted out to Reggie Bush asking him to remove the page telling the former New Orleans Saint that he was overstepping. Karen pointed out that Reggie did ask for permission, but the family said no, and so he went and did it anyway.

Nipsey Hussle’s Family Politely Dismisses Reggie Bush GoFundMe Efforts

Karen Civil and Reggie Bush Exchange words:

Civil told Bush on Instagram of his fundraiser:

I am not for the derailment of black men and if your intentions were pure, you would have honored the family’s request. The family said no and you should have respected Lauren’s wishes. We can further discuss this offline w/ his family.

Reggie hit back saying on April 14th:

Wait wait wait wait one minute. I just heard about this story I’m sorry but I must defend myself here. This is beyooond me! I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GAIN FROM THIS!!!! … Not sure where this came from or who you spoke to but you must be sadly mistaken if you think we just lost our minds and made up some fake gofundme page.

Karen then pointed out:

I never spoke on what you had to gain, Simply asked you to remove the tweet, just like you did the gofundme. You asked prior to doing this and was told no by family, but did it anyway. You never once spoke to Nip in the gym the many times you saw each other. I understand you’re motivated and want to help, but there are other ways. His family already asked you NOT to do this. People are literally grieving over a husband, father, brother, uncle, friend and someone who meant so much too so many people. This is not the time for this.

Reggie replied:

My time is already busy as it is I would never even put forth the effort to take on a project like this unless I got someone’s blessing!! Come on now! That just sounds crazy! Please CHECK THE FACTS! And YES I didn’t know him that had zero to do with the cause??It was about doing something positive and giving back and paying homage to a man that stood for so much and was a leader in the community and overcame the obstacles of the hood and made it big while never losing sight of where he came from! That is hard to do and a lot of young black kids never make it out of that!

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