Nipsey Hussle’s Brother Facing Off with Crips Over Trademark

Nipsey Hussle's Brother Facing Off with Crips Over Trademark

Following the death of Nipsey Hussle, his brother is trying to stay in full control of his brother’s legacy.

The only problem is that Nipsey’s brother and his gang The Crips filed a trademark for “The Marathon Continues” slogan as well. Read on…

Nipsey Hussle's Brother Facing Off with Crips Over Trademark reports that Nipsey Hussle’s brother is now stuck in a battle with Nipsey’s gang The Crips who jumped on the opportunity to run with Nipsey’s “The Marathon Continues” slogan.

The crazy part is that Nipsey’s “The Marathon Continues” slogan may now be owned by The Crips because they filed for the same exact mark on May 16.

See, Nipsey Hussle‘s brother, Blacc Sam who was dealing with his brother’s funeral, the family, and all the crazy to get things in order snoozed on Nipsey’s “The Marathon Continues” slogan.

His brother filed for a trademark for Nipsey’s “The Marathon Continues” slogan on May 28, which is 12 days after The Crips filing.

Now it will more than likely go to court and be up to a judge after the Trademark is issued.

See, everyone is still trying to make money off Nipsey after his death

Nipsey Hussle’s brother could be heading for a legal showdown with The Crips over the late rapper’s well-known slogan.

Blacc Sam is currently handling the business for Nipsey’s estate.

On May 28, he filed a trademark application for Nipsey’s “The Marathon Continues” slogan, according to TheBlast.

The problem is, Nipsey’s gang The Crips filed for the same exact mark on May 16.

They are both seeking to use the slogan for entertainment, clothing and charitable purposes, so there will almost certainly be a dispute over the famous saying.

The U.S. Patent & Trademark has yet to approve either parties request.

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