Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mama Fighting his Family

Nipsey Hussle's Baby Mama Fighting his Family

Nipsey Hussle’s baby mama is NOT going out without a fight.

Word is, Nipsey Hussle’s baby mama is fighting his family that wants to keep custody of their daughter. Continue on…

Nipsey Hussle's Baby Mama Fighting his Family reports that Nipsey Hussle’s baby mama Tanisha Foster says that her late father of her child family is denying her basic rights and contact with her flesh and blood.

Nipsey Hussle’s baby mama Tanisha Foster says in legal docs, she and Nipsey shared responsibility for parenting 10-year-old Emani, according to court docs via TMZ.

Foster is rebutting the family’s contention she’s not capable of caring for the child, saying they are ignoring the fact Nipsey provided for her.

Nipsey had set her up in an apartment and providing for her livelihood, and now she insinuates that his family has cut her off. Tanisha Foster says that is not what Nipsey would’ve wanted.

As of now, Tanisha has chosen not to “sling mud,” but she reveals that she’s not the only person involved in the case with a “problem past.”

She says she can’t pay rent, she’s been cut off financially and is in desperate shape. Foster notes the lifestyle she and Emani were used to before Nipsey’s death won’t be the same. Though, Foster is willing to make it work to the best of her ability. She’s asking the judge to at least give her visitation rights.

Foster says:

If everyone was truly interested in doing what is best for Emani, they would treat me as her mother and not in the manner that they have.

Nipsey’s family claimed that Tanisha is an unfit mother. In addition, his family was awarded temporary custody of Emani.

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