Nipsey Hussle Memorial Service Disrespected by Scalpers

Nipsey Hussle’s public memorial service handed out free tickets in record time, but greedy scalpers tried to profit by selling the free tickets for over $500 dollars.

The Nipsey Hussle public memorial service is a celebration of his life and scalpers in Los Angeles have shown their just greedy trying to profit from the slain rapper’s death. The good news is that they are being shut down. Read on…

Nipsey Hussle Memorial Disrespected by reports that AXS, which handled ticket distribution says that the memorial service’s entire ticket inventory was completely cleaned out Tuesday morning within minutes.

Following the sell-out of tickets to the public scalpers started posting tickets on eBay, Craiglist as much as $500 a pop on the secondary market. The sites have been flagging the sales ads and yanking them down.

According to AXS, they say that they’re cracking down on scalpers and ticket fraud because tickets are being distributed through the company’s mobile app and are non-transferable.

Nipsey’s memorial starts Thursday morning at 10 AM sharp, and anyone traveling in a group must enter together. Tickets were distributed to California residents only, with a max of 4 per group.

Nipsey’s family and Staples Center honchos met Wednesday to plan logistics for how to honor the Crenshaw rapper at the 21,000-seat venue. LAPD officials were also there, helping plan for security and safety.

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