New Jane Doe Sues Harvey Weinstein For Assault + Battery

New Jane Doe Sues Harvey Weinstein For Assault + Battery

New Jane Doe Sues Harvey Weinstein For Assault + Battery!

Disgraced movie mogul Weinstein is now being sued for sexual assault and battery by a Jane Doe, according to new legal docs. Read on since a new Jane Doe Sues Harvey Weinstein… reports that Harvey Weinstein is now being accused of coercing an actress into having sex with him by dangling a role in a film.

Basically, Harvey Weinstein was using the casting coach routine and then its being said that he threatened to ruin her career if she didn’t give in, according to a new lawsuit.

We guess this Jane Doe missed out of the original lawsuit so she is starting a new one. #SMH

Enough is enough, the man is behind bars for 23-years and will probably die in there. Harvey Weinstein was jailed on Rikers Island after being sentenced to 23 years for his rape and assault cases.

The woman met Weinstein at an event in Los Angeles back in 2014, and he told her “I run Hollywood,” before suggesting they should meet-up later, according to the lawsuit.

She had a choice to say no, but apparently she didn’t because she was hungry for fame and decided to sleep with an Ogar to get ahead.

TMZ reports:

The woman claims she went to meet Weinstein in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, but he didn’t come down, and he told her to come up to his room.

Of course, this way he can record the whole thing and if she ever denies it, he can release footage. To all starlets and hunks, producer have been doing this since the beginning. When you go to their room, they have cameras set up to film you hungry @ss fools.

Anyways, the suit also claims the woman stated that Weinstein answered the door wearing a bathrobe without a belt, and told her she was perfect for a few of his projects.  The he said that he was the “King of Hollywood” and she should be smart about behaving and being nice to the right folks.

Yuck Yuck and triple Yuck, just the image of him with a robe with no belt and his junk just hanging. I think I threw up in my mouth!

She goes on to say, Weinstein excused himself to use the bathroom, and when she heard the shower running, she left the hotel room. She claims he had someone send her a script for a movie, then demanded she meet him again at the Peninsula, and that’s when things got sexual.

Once again she made the choice.

The Jane Doe says when she went back to Weinstein’s room for what she thought was a business meeting, he was again wearing his bathrobe and threatened to blacklist her from Hollywood. She says she felt she had no choice but to let Weinstein have his way with her, and they had sex while he demanded she call him “King.”

After the alleged encounter, the woman says she fell into a state of shock, became depressed, had a mental breakdown and became distressed to the point she started losing hair.

The woman is going after Weinstein for damages.


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