New Dragon Cuts For Cats and Dogs Trending


New Dragon Cuts For Cats and Dogs Trending!?!

If you’re an animal lover than you might want to take things to the next level for your cat or dog with New Dragon Cuts For Cats and Dogs Trending.

Now we are NOT saying that they’re gonna love it, but the will be the talk at the dog park.

There is a couple looks that is coming from the trend setters themselves, China and even Russia.

For cats, the big trend is the Dragon cut – which has animal stylists dying the fur and cutting it into shapes to look like different animals and insects and dragons. You can have your very own Game of Thrones kitty.


Take a look:

So cute!

As for dog’s there is another look that is trending called the “Cube Cut.”

It may look absurd, but a bizarre new dog grooming trend is beginning to take shape in Taiwan. The craze involves having your pet pooch shaped into a sphere or a square – with the desired effect being a more eye-grabbing and clean-cut look.

In a method reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands’s trimming of a hedge, canine hairdressers in the Taiwanese capital Taipei are giving particularly furry customers outlandish makeovers.


What do you think?

Will you be grooming your dog or kitty?