NeNe Leakes Calls Phaedra a Liar

Jan 29th, 2013


(CelebNMusic247-NewsNeNe Leakes Calls Phaedra a Liar

On the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta Phaedra Parks bragged about knowing Tyler Perry.

NeNe Blasts Phaedra Parks for lying. I guess Phaedra is a big fat liar, according to NeNe!

Check it:


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  1. mediajuicejoint says:

    scatch a lie find a thief…….liawyers

  2. lmao put on blast- teal

  3. Alena Redwine says:

    when she said she knew him she said she knew people who knew him.. get it right Nene! -purple

  4. JeezyCTE says:

    they keep something going dont they -jeezy

  5.  the drama goes on, green

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