Nelly Pulled Off Stage By Overzealous Fan

Nelly Pulled Off Stage By Overzealous Fan

One of Nelly’s fans put him in a real-life dilemma when she decided to pull him into her world, and she succeeded in doing so.

Nelly’s fan literally yanked him off stage and then got a pass for doing it. Read on to see how Nelly got pulled off stage… reports on Saturday night Nelly was putting it all into his performance so good at the Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage just outside of Palm Springs, CA he found himself yanked into a woman’s arms.

Nelly happened to wandered near the front of the stage to touch his adoring fans’ hands … which backfired with a tumble into the front row.

Of course, TMZ got a video of the incident, but you can see how Nelly gets tugged from the crowd. He topples into the barricades and then has words with the alleged culprit … a woman.

We get it, Nelly is still a sexy hunk so she tok her shot…YOLO!

Well, he wasn’t too happy about the yanking off stage but quickly changed his attitude to merciful.

Once he got back on stage, he tells the lady:

You can’t pull me, shorty. I appreciate it — but I’m on the edge of the stage. If you pull me, I ain’t got nowhere to go!

Luckily for her, Nelly acknowledged the act seemed to be more out of love rather than malicious. He told security to leave her be and carried on with the show.

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