Natalie Guercio Stamped A Hypocrite By Fans


Natalie Guercio Stamped A Hypocrite By Fans?!?

After tonight’s Mob Wives Trust No One Reunion Pt 2 Natalie Guercio Stamped A Hypocrite By Fans sfter Sharing Message About Cyber Bullying Campaign.

See, all season 6 of Mob Wives Natalie Guercio was FIRING SHOTS on social media and the show that Karen Gravano was a rat. The word rat was the hot topic of the season, but when she got called out on the Mob Wives Reunion she played the victim card.

It was disappointing to watch because Natalie talked such a good game all season, but everytime she was confronted she was “exit stage left.”

Well fans of Mob Wives Trust No One have grown tired of Natalie Guercio’s antics and have now Stamped Her A Hypocrite!


Here is what is hearing:

Reality star Natalie Guercio has become a target on Twitter after the Mob Wives cast mate took to Twitter to talk about an anti bullying social campaign that she’s involved in.

It’s no secret that Nat G. has been well known for being involved in the explosive drama on the show and for using her social media accounts to slam the other women on the show.

On Monday Nat G. took to Twitter urging her follows to participate in an anti-cyber bullying campaign and now her fans are calling her out for being a ‘hypocrite.’

Fans on Twitter believe that Guercio is lowkey trying to play the victim and refuses to accept the role that she plays in all of the craziness.

On various occasions, Natalie G. has talked badly about her co-stars Natalie Didonato, Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano and now her fans think she’s being hypocrite for posting messages about anti-cyber bullying campaigns.

Fans of the show are firing back at Guercio and urging her to take her own advice because they believe that she is the biggest cyber bully of ALL TIME!!!!

Here are just a few tweets from disgusted fans of Natalie’s who were in disbelieve that she posted this:

Nat-g-cyber-bullying-tweet-0318-1 Nat-g-cyber-bullying-tweet-0318-2

What are your thoughts?