Nas Reveals Financial Situation To Judge

Nas Reveals Financial Situation To Judge

Rapper Nas was recently put on blast by his ex Kelis. Now Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones has been forced to lay out his financial situation To Judge

Nas and Kelis are entangled in a bitter child custody battle where she is requesting more money to take care of their son. Read on…

Nas Reveals Financial Situation To JudgeNas is using his financial situation to help explain why $8k a month is more than enough child support to Kelis. She doesn’t even allow him to see his own son.

Nas feels that Kelis is trying to punish him by asking for more child support. While Kelis continues to maintain that Nas is an abuser who beat her for many years. has learned that the Illmatic rapper broke down what his money is looking like to the judge in the case.

The rapper filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, which show he makes about $175k per month from various sources (music, investments, etc.) and he has more than $8.3 million in cash in the bank. Nas lists his monthly expenses at $76,834.04 and that includes $20,245.70 that goes to helping various family members, including his father.

The rapper also reveals he pays $15k per month in rent.

Do you feel $8k a month is fair child support for Kelis, or should the “One Mic” rapper come off more dough?

We find it very interesting because we have heard about Kelis being a nasty, shrewd and foul-mouth boss to her people back when she was with “The Don.”