Mysonne Rejects J. Prince IG Call to Action Over YBN Almighty Jay

Mysonne Reject J. Prince IG Call to Action Over YBN Almighty Jay

Following Monday’s call to all “street homies” by Rap-A-Lot CEO J. Prince, Mysonne with a response.

Read on to see what Mysonne had to say to J. Prince regarding the call to action over the YBN Almighty Jay attack… reports that Bronx native and raptivist Mysonne is setting the record straight that he doesn’t “condone this type of juvenile behavior!”

Mysonne Linen adds that “neither I nor anyone affiliated with me conduct themselves in this manner!”

The Bronx raptivist took to social media with an open letter to Rap-A-Lot CEO J. Prince:

First of all, I want to state that I don’t condone this type of juvenile behavior! Neither I nor anyone affiliated with me conduct themselves in this manner! With that being said I respect @jprincerespect for what you have done for the culture and the way you have been A1 from day one, But I myself have conducted myself in a manner which demands a certain level of respect and consideration and the message you relayed on your Instagram post was inappropriate.

Linen speaks on having “mutual friends or acquaintances,” J Prince should have reached out in a DM. He feels there should have been more “mutual respect and Admiration.”

He states:

Had you or mutual friends or acquaintances of ours reached out me thru DM or phone I would have seen fit to reach out to anyone needed to right this wrong , on the premise of mutual respect and Admiration but as a result of this msg I have cowards on my page telling me “I better get that chain back” etc..The way your msg was delivered can be interpreted as more of a threat than a call out to allies to resolve a potential Catastrophic situation.

Mysonne clarifies:

These are kids who are not in my direct circle, and your msg puts me and what I represent in jeopardy. I want to believe that you meant it in all love and respect king, but unfortunately Social media was not the correct place to seek a solution to this problem, but on the contrary, it may have done more harm. Please, king, utilize your Dm or use our mutual friends to connect with me and let’s connect and Attempt to unite and fix all miscommunication. Respectfully Mysonne…


It sounds like Mysonne has a good head on his shoulders because J. Prince was going to make things worse.

Following the rejections, Zae Numbafive, the man J Prince is accusing of carrying out the robbery, toys with Rap-A-Lot CEO J. Prince posting a video featuring YBn’s stolen chain.

These guys are thirsty for fame and attacked YBN to get attention. SMH

What worse is their rap skills are lacking.

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