Movie Openings: Chocolate City – Poltergeist – Tomorrowland


Movie Openings: Chocolate City – Poltergeist – Tomorrowland!!!

Memorial Day Movie Openings: Chocolate City – Poltergeist – Tomorrowland kick off the begins the barrage of movies hitting theaters from now until Labor Day.

School is almost out and Graduations are a couple of weeks away so the studios are ready to dazzle movie goers with films that are set to tantalize, scare, amaze and think this weekend with four HUGE films includes Chocolate City, Poltergeist, Tomorrowland and Aloft.

Who do you think will take the lead this weekend?

Well has these four movie trailers for you to decide which movie to head out to see.


Chocolate City:

First is the hunk-a-fied movie Chocolate City that will have the ladies making it rain for the ab-tastic men that will be taking it off on the big screen.


Life for a struggling college student changes in an instant when he meets the owner of a male strip club who convinces him to give amateur night a whirl.

Stars: Robert Ri’chard, Tyson Beckford, DeRay Davis, Michael Jai White, Vivica A Fox, Ginuwine, Bolo the Entertainer and more…




Poltergeist got a REBOOT and it’s ready to scare a new generation of horror fans while the OG’s like us will be comparing the new REBOOT to the original classic.

The storyline is a bit different since the kids are into the digital age, the parents are broke, and the family moves into an 80s style home. Soon they learn the house is haunted, and the home is built over an Indian burial ground, wow, it sounds familiar. Oh yeah, we’ve seen this movie already.


A family whose suburban home is haunted by evil forces must come together to rescue their youngest daughter after the apparitions take her captive.

Stars: Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Kennedi Clements




Disney is finally incorporating their theme park with the entertainment industry, so like The Haunted Mansion which stars Eddie Murphy, the Walt Disney Studio has a new film called Tomorrowland. We have to admit, with Clooney as the lead in the film, we would say this is definitely worth the ticket price.


Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory.

Stars: George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie



We’ll keep you posted on who lands the top position or if Pitch Perfect 2 will continue to reign for another weekend.  We think Poltergeist may take the lead, but we will see.