Morrissey Attacked Cuts San Diego Concert Short

Morrissey Attacked Cuts San Diego Concert Short

Over the weekend former Smiths star Morrissey was forced to cut San Diego concert short after fans stormed the stage.

The 59-year-old singer was playing his 1988 song ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’ at the Copley Symphony Hall when things went left. Read on for more details on Morrissey…

Morrissey Attacked Cuts San Diego Concert reports Morrissey had a stellar performance in San Diego over the weekend, but during his encore, the stage invasion by overzealous adoring fans became too much.

Security quickly rushed Morrissey off the stage for safety.

His manager Peter Katsis has hit back at claims Morrissey was under threat or that any of his passionate fans tried to physically assault him.

In a statement on Facebook, he said:

Nobody tried to punch M last night. Morrissey’s fans are not malicious. The fans were simply doing what they have been doing for almost 30 years. Trying anything they could do to jump onstage and touch him or hug him.

While Peter admitted one fan went further than the others, he played down the incident and praised security for how they handled everything.

He added:

The fan in question was certainly more aggressive in reaching out for him than most, so security had to do their job and subdue the fan. That’s all it was. In the end no one was hurt, and no one was arrested.

According to TMZ, Morrissey was taken off stage and didn’t return, although people in the crowd waited to see if he would come back out to finish the show.

When it became apparent the concert was over, people started to leave, and it’s reported that Morrissey didn’t do his usual meet and greet session after the event.

If you haven’t seen Morrissey live before, he always closes his shows with “Everyday Is Like Sunday” and The Smiths classic “How Soon Is Now?.”

After crazed fans just wanted to hug him, they ended up missing out on one song due to the abrupt ending.

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