Montel Williams Still Salty with Wendy Williams Show

Montel Williams Still Salty with Wendy Williams Show

Montel Williams who had is TV hosting gig from 1991-2008 is apparently still salty with Wendy Williams show since his show was cancelled After 17 Years.

Read on because Montel Williams feels that Wendy Williams show belittles people and puts them down… reports that Montel Williams salty with Williams because the year he was cancelled from FOX, Wendy Williams took his spot.

Montel Williams had this to say about Wendy Williams:

Wendy’s show is so much different than mine, where she does a program that literally has for years now, honestly, belittled and put down people who are going through what she’s going through.

He continues,

So it’s that crazy thought that needs to go through your head. Be careful who you point a finger at because you never know when one of them is pointing back.

We disagree with Montel. His show was different, but he is a man and Wendy is a woman, so the shows are definitely going to be different.

As for the appeal, Montel was great for about 7 years but after that, we lost interest. On the flip Wendy Williams Show has been going strong for 11 years and we still love it.

Montel just sounds salty. She has been dealing with a divorce from her husband, Kevin Hunter, amid rumors that he had a love child with his mistress of more than 10 years.

She recently teared up when talking about living in a sober house, which was at the time Kevin Hunter was messing around behind her back.

Montel NEEDS to STOP and let it go.

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