Moniece and Fizz Fight Over Parenting


Moniece and Fizz Fight Over Parenting!?!

When it comes to Moniece and Fizz, they are another couple who are possibly better off friends if the could just leave the past behind but Moniece and Fizz Fight Over Parenting!

It’s obvious that Moniece is still in love with Fizz, but too much garbage has been dumped between them and instead of owning up to her mistakes Moniece continues to point the finger at Fizz. He is doing the best he can being a single dad, he just wants to move forward and have some type of common ground between he and his baby mama, but she can’t let the past go.

Moniece is hitting walls in her life so instead of making smart moves with her sex toy business she refuses to sell and get out on top.

Moniece meets with potential investors who are trying to buy her out of her own sex toy company. It seems like a smart move when she’s unable to get it off the ground.

Then there is her living situation that is NOT working out with her roommate. She wants to get back on her feet and move out of her current living situation with a roommate that happens to be a man (platonically).

In years Moniece plans to get back on her feet with her business, her music and co-parenting. She decides to meet with Drew about their co-parenting situation, but she continues to rehash the past and tell him that he hurt her and what caused the split. Fizz is NOT in the mood and only wants to dead the internet lies, trying to clean slate the BS that she said online about him putting hands on their child and being a bad parent.

Moniece defense is that she wants some respect even though she is NOT the mom of the year. Fizz, calls her a pathological liar, he won sole custody of his son and when she finally got shared custody she wanted nothing to do with their son Cam after 3 months so he’s been taking care of his son.

He goes off on Moniece since she wants to throw him under the bus saying, “why is it that she has a job, a dildo line but nowhere to live.” Why is she always complaining and saying she’s doing so well, but “she has nothing to show for it.” To top it off Fizz takes one final stab and reveals that all she does when she is around their son is take selfies with him like she a 24/7 mom. Fizz says she more like 1 hour out of 7.

Watch Fizz confronting Moniece about what she said about him in an interview. The only problem is that their conversation becomes a heated debate on parenting and how their relationship ended.

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